Maeve beige | Sunglass cord
Maeve beige | Sunglass cord
Maeve beige | Sunglass cord
Maeve beige | Sunglass cord
Maeve beige | Sunglass cord

Maeve beige | Sunglass cord

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Take a step into the magical world of Maeve, a sparkling sunglass chain made using luxe super Polaris beads and pearls in combination with a braided golden chain. Maeve means ‘magical’ and that is exactly the vibe this sunglass chain radiates. The sparkling and elegant design has been combined with a variating color pallet of luxurious beads, providing this piece of jewelry having with a unique and stylish appearance. Will you go for the multi color variant or is your favourite the one with beads in natural peach color? 

This unique sunglass chain is classy because of the gold and black alternating links. This design derived from her twin sister Mollie. Wear Louis for the extra touch to your outfit and have your favourite glasses always at hand.

All orders are shipped within 24 hours from our offices in Sydney and Amsterdam.

- Australia: 3-4 days delivery
- France: 3-4 days delivery
- Germany: 3-4 days delivery 
- UK: 3-4 days delivery 
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☆ Length: 72 cm
☆ Light weighted
☆ Rubbers fit any size frames
☆ Free speedy shipping

The chain is made of stainless steel with gold/silver plating, plus a protective coating so that it doesn't lose its colour.  

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